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March 22, 2006

Program Guide

A guide to the videos on Hestablog and Hestakaup!

NEW!!! We're Back! ...from Landsmot.  I was gone for a month, shooting incredible videos that I am dying to show you.  First, though, they have to be edited.  But here's a little peak behind the scenes at Landsmot to give you a taste of what's coming. 

NEW!!! The Opening Ceremony of Landsmot.  If you like horses and snappy music, you'll love this!  Hundreds of horses and riders showing off to open the Landsmot.

NEW!!! Peanut Parade.  A visit to a riding class of 4 and 5 year olds as they go on a trail ride.  Cute kids, of course, but what's most impressive are the horses.  Caretakers, all. 

Take the Flash Test Check to see if your system has Flash 8. You might want to do this first!

Iceland by Horse, a cross-country horse trek. Beautiful landscapes and horses. Four videos.

A New Rider..., a sequence of 7 videos as a 5 year-old girl learns to ride a prize stallion.  Precious beyond belief!

What Comes After "Frá"? Farm visits showing how the Icelandic horse gets its Icelandic character in early life, 9 videos.  

Dressage Lesson a couple of visitors come to my dressage lesson and we all have some fun. This is on Hestakaup! Come visit. 

Breed Evaluations What is a breed evaluation and what does it take to put one on? Come here and you will get in behind the scenes at the 2004 Flugnir program in Wisconsin

The Riding Club, a youth competition at a local riding club, cute kids, great horses!

A lot more are coming. Let me know what you like or would like by leaving a comment.


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